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This is the place to grab quick learning bites, learn how to complete a larger HR project and have all the right tools and support at your finger tips.  We provide the learning element, a professional network, and coaching.

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Online Courses

Our courses are step by step guidance to help you start with a new project, or to deep dive in one very specific area. The courses come with clear short video's and templates. The price for each course is $14.95

The Harassment Prevention Program Redesigned

The harassment prevention video doesn't work. You know that. Now take the next step and learn how to implement an harassment prevention program that works!

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Use turnover ratio in your organizaton

Turnover ratio is one of the most often used Key Performance Indicator in HR.  We guide you through the process of calculating turnover ratio, and we show three ways to use this KPI.

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Fix your job post and hire fast

Gone are the days that you can simply put something on the internet and applications would come. By changing how you write the job posting you can immediately change outcomes. 

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The 3 main causes of harassment

Harassment claims can be sorted in 3 categories . Each has its own approach to solve the issue. If you understand the categories, you can mitigate it quickly and successfully.

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Implementation programs

Our implementation programs are programs where we combine the courses, our experience and your knowledge of your company and its culture to help you implement an HR Program. To enable participants to connect with other professionals, implementation programs start 4 times a year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when the next program starts.

Implement a result focused recruiting system

Finding yourself in a spot where you have more qualified applicants then you have positions available can be done. 
A solid recruiting system increases the number and quality of your applicants. 
With our implementation program we will guide you through the process to implement a solid system, that will deliver for less cost.

Build your own harrasment & #metoo prevention course

Due to the #metoo movement it became very apparent that harassment & bullying in the workplace happens more then we know. It is caused by misalignment of values between  the employee, co-workers and  the company. The program will guide you through the process of  building and maintaining a training that truly changes employees behaviors.

Performance review conversation

Performance reviews are long known as their inability to truly work on creating a plan to support the employee with their career goals. A system that is not able to provide a development plan will result in turnover and disengagement. Turn your system around and have employees looking forward to their Performance Development  conversation.

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HR Consulting Affordable 

When you need it

Cultural Chemistry offers affordable subscription based consulting services.

Starting at $98.00 per month, Cultural Chemistry delivers a knowledge bank, HR help desk (online and by phone unlimited) help desk and 300 courses that can be attended by your employees.  

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We are here to help you!

At the Human Resources Academy you acquire the skills and tools to turn your HR Department into a High Performance Talent Management Service. 

You can do this on your own with our self-paced training, or you can add our one-on one or group coaching and consulting services. 

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Learn to fish

No longer paying high fees for a program that doesn't sustain. We are here to support you, so you get the tools to make any HR Project happen.  We are here to teach you how to do it. With one-on- one support, group meetings and a Facebook  & LinkedIn group. You got a whole support team one click away.

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Construction Industry we have a special website for you

We get it! The construction industry has its own challenges when it comes to recruiting. The number of people entering the industry is decreased, while the number of people retiring increased. We have a program for you! The 90-Day Construction Recruiting System.


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